So what is a Day in the Life session?

A Day in the Life session is about storytelling.   Real moments captured. Unrehearsed. Unscripted. Unposed. Unstaged.  Unorchestrated.  Unapolegetic.  Real Life. The everyday moments. Crumbs all over chubby cheeks. Giggles from the belly.  Bed head in the morning.  Cuddling up to the kids while you read them a bedtime story. Waking up and making breakfast for you and the family.  Making coffee for your love.  A girls day out with your daughters.  Shopping.  Spa day.  Dad and the kids hanging out, playing their favorite sport.  Being in the backyard.  A day at the library. What about grandma and grandpa spending the day with the grandkids?  Maybe it's your favorite family vacation spot.  So many moments to document.  


This type of session is for those who don't like to be posed.  If you prefer a less stressful type of session, this is for you!  You don't have to worry about being matchy-matchy with outfits for kids.  You and your family can just relax and sit back while I become a guest and document important moments.   Its what you want your session to look like.  No pressure.

"While there are holidays, birthdays and special occasions, life messily happens in between the milestones"
We shouldn't forget to celebrate them


FRESH | 48


A Fresh 48 session is for those new families who want the first few hours of their newborn's life captured without having the entire labor or birth documented. These are held within the first 24-48 hours of your baby's life.  These are a perfect way to remember that first day forever.  First yawn.  First cries.  First feedings.  First diaper changes.  Baby feet.   Skin to skin connection.  I will come to your place of baby's birth or your home within 48 hours.  Capturing the quiet tender moments between you and your baby.


M O M E N T S | The ones we sometimes forget to remember