What types of sessions do you offer?

Day In the Life (DITL) sessions are about storytelling.  Capturing real moments.   Embracing the imperfect.  Unstaged.  Unrehearsed. Some of the best times are the giggles from the belly.   Crumbs all over chubby cheeks.  Bed head.  A cry from a baby can make a mom feel like her session is not going right, but for me, it makes me smile, because it’s real.  It could just mean that her baby is hungry.  And feeding time can be some of the most special bonding times between a mother and her baby.  I am simply there.  Present.  Ready to photograph what is unfolding. I want to be there to capture those moments.  There is a story to be told.  Let me help you tell it.

Lifestyle sessions are also about storytelling but with a little bit more direction from me.  I spend about 2 hours with you and/or you and your family creating a fun and memorable session.  Having fun yet creating those timeless memories that are only here today.  Whether it be indoors or at a beautiful outdoor location with natural beautiful light.  


 What is a Day In the Life session?

Funny you should ask.  You invite me into the comforts of your home. We hang out. I’m there to capture real moments.  Mom and dad waking up the kids.  Cuddling on the couch.  Mom (or dad) making breakfast while the kids are in their jammies.  (How great is that!  You don't even have to fuss about getting kids ready or leave your home!  You're welcome!)  What about gathering up the kids for a board game right after lunch or dinner?   Or let’s take advantage of that big back yard, or splashing around in that pool.  What about daddy and daughter having a tea party.  Mommy and son reading a book.  When is the last time you baked cookies with the kids?  Or maybe I tag along on a family outing to the park, a boat ride, the zoo, or at the beach flying some kites.  Let’s go somewhere fun!  Where the family enjoys being together.  You and your family pretend like I'm not there. I become a ninja with a camera!  All while capturing your family’s incredible moments!  Whatever your family loves to do when spending time together,   Or perhaps you are a couple without kids right now.  That's okay.  You are still building memories.  Imagine having these photos to show your children, or grand children of what life was like before them!  Then you could prove how cool you really were when you were young.  LOL  

Let me help you build memories.   Where your life is today.  That is what makes you and your family unique.  Imagine having images, in a photo book, at your disposal, reminding you of the yesterdays, today.  Whether it be a weekly day to the library, a weekend getaway with your love or a family weekend getaway up north to your family cottage.  Don't wait until life is perfect.  It will never happen.  But yet, time will continue to pass.  These images are not only for you, but the generations to come, your children, your grand children, their children.  So that no one forgets what today feels like.  I know you are busy with life.  But we just do not take the time out to savor those little intimate moments.  Seeing the beauty in them.  Put together, these are all the pieces of our busy,. hectic and crazy life that make up our stories and that later on, will be treasured.

Sometimes the moments easiest to forget, are the one’s most remembering


What to wear: 

It is all about your life, right now.   For In-home sessions, being comfortable is key.  That could be your jammies.  Your sweats.  Jeans and a t-shirt.  Maybe you have been waiting to wear that new outfit!  You are going to look awesome!  No stressing out allowed!  I only ask no big or crazy patterns in anyone’s clothing.  You don’t want the moments to compete with your clothing.   

For on-location sessions it is great when a family can coordinate their clothing (usually mom takes are of this!)  Doesn’t have to be matchy-matchy.  I have a great resource/link to get your creative juices going.  It’s something to help you get started, should you need some inspiration.  But the best piece of clothing, is what you feel most comfortable in.

 When you are ready to book:

Simply contact me.  We can chat and brainstorm.  I ask you a few questions  Get to know you.  I want to find out what your ideal session looks like.  Between us we can schedule a memorable session so that when you look back at your images, you will remember exactly how you and your family felt at that moment.  Once your session is booked, we will work through concepts for the shoot and location.  The whole idea for your session, is to have fun! 

Because “the days are long, but the years are short
— Gretchen Rubins