linda baca

A Day in the Life with Carter

When this busy family of three asked me to come over and shoot a day in the life morning session, I was beyond excited!

Back story:  I photographed this sweet new mommy when she graduated college, when she got married and when she was pregnant.  Fast forward, they now have a beautiful baby girl named Carter.  Carter is almost 9 months old and growing so fast.  Wait and see how delicious she is!.  But it doesn't stop there.  They also recently purchased their first home. 

When I arrived Carter was still a little sleepy but ready to play.  Carter has the most sweetest personality.  She is fully of joy and curiosity!  Learning leaps and bounds.

The middle of the night feedings, the many diapers that need to be changed.  All the toys.  All the baby stuff.  More feedings.  More diapers.  All of it, worth it.  With all of the hard work that goes into being a parent, there is no doubt in any one's mind about how loved she is!   This little girl is so blessed to have Kara and Julio as parents.  

Carter, I cannot wait to come over and play again!  I know they are going to make so many beautiful memories here.

Here is a little peek into the joy that these two new parents are experiencing in their new home with the addition of this bundle of joy.