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Dad, I know you have loved me as long as I've lived,

but, I have loved you my whole life”



My dad has always been a gentle soul.  I don’t ever remember him raising his voice at us kids. I never heard him speak negatively about anyone.  He always looked at the glass half full.  Up until the day he had his stroke, he was very independent.  At 85 years old, still driving to my house every Saturday to hang out with me and the family.  He loved coming over to watch western movies with my husband.  He always wondered what we were going to have for breakfast.  He went with us everywhere we went.  He loved to tag along.  I loved having him.

My dad was over one Saturday afternoon, like he was every weekend. We were in the back yard watching my 3 year old grandson play basketball.  I saw my dad fall and we ran to catch him before he hit the ground.  I thought he had fallen, but he was having a stroke.  My life changed forever.

Fast forward almost 4 years. His speech is limited.  And although he can’t speak much, he always has a smile on his face.  I miss his visits to my house.  I miss his advice.  I miss seeing him enjoy his time with my grandson.  I miss our conversations we used to have about anything.  I miss going out to breakfast with him.  I just miss the old him.  I’m so grateful that I still have him.

Dad, thank you so much for the love you have always shown me.  For your gentle soul.  Always having something good to say about people.  Always looking for the best. Always having a positive spin on a bad situation.  You have been an amazing dad.  I’m so grateful for your life.  Happy Father’s Day, I love you so much.

To all you dad’s out there, I hope this Father’s Day brings you joy as you spend time with your kids.  You are such an important part of their lives.  I know this is corny but it rings so true . . . .

"Anyone can be a father, but it takes someone special to be a dad"