Why A Family Documentary | Day in the life Session?

“You will never know the value of a moment until it becomes a memory” 

Wikipedia defines “documentary photography” as:

“a form of photography used to chronicle both significant and relevant to history and historical events and everyday life”

Documentary photography allows us to convey our true emotions.  It gives the ability to convey love, sadness, joy or fear.  Why do we take photographs?  What makes a photograph a meaningful part of our life?  Is it because a photograph documents reality, or life as it is in an instant?  A photograph reproduces a moment.  A memory.  It captures emotions as they happen.  It is crucial to documenting life in real time. We use it to chronical significant and relevant times in our family’s history.  For generations to come. 

We get so busy “posing” for photos, we forget to be in the moment and in turn, forget the moment.  That’s where I come in!  Let me capture those moments for you.  This means you get to be in the picture.  Did you hear that?  YOU get to be in the picture! In the moments.  The ones we sometimes forget to remember. 

DOCUMENTARY | DAY IN THE LIFE (DITL) sessions are about storytelling.   Real moments captured. Unrehearsed. Unscripted. Unposed. Unstaged.  Unorchestrated.  Unapolegetic.  Real Life. The everyday moments. Crumbs all over chubby cheeks.  Giggles from the belly.  Bed head in the morning. Cuddling up to the kids while you read them a bedtime story.  Waking up making breakfast for you and the family.  A girls day out with your daughters.  Shopping.  Spa day.  How about that date with your husband you keep putting off? What about grandma and grandpa spending the day with the grandkids?  Lets face it, life happens.  

My favorite locations to shoot are your home, the outdoors, a favorite place where you both met.  Somewhere that your family frequents, or a place where you visit annually.  How about a travel session?  A special place you spend family vacations.  A family tradition.  Or how about a new place? A new tradition?   The possibilities are endless! 

Your images will be the very core of what makes YOUR family unique.  No one session can ever be alike.  Ever.

This just may be the easiest photo session you will ever experience!  You do not have to worry about dirty dishes, dirty laundry, messy rooms or cleaned up little faces.  No judgment. 

Your perfect | imperfect life.

You wouldn’t want it any other way.






If you are interested in finding out more about a Day in the Life Session, please contact me

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