"Sometimes you will never know the true value of a moment |

Until it becomes a memory"

Hey there!  I'm Linda.  Your future wedding and family historian. 

I'm a wife to an amazing husband.  A mom to some pretty fabulous kids.  A grandma to some really cute grandkids.  I dislike cooking.  (okay, I hate it.)  My husband does the cooking around the house.  Believe me, its better (and safer that way).  But I can set an amazing dinner table and make it look pretty!

  • I am a lover of light, Starbucks, a chilled glass of wine, sipping lemonade on a summer night, laughing until I cry. 
  • My favorite holiday is Christmas.  It is such a magical time of year!.

I believe in:

  • God
  • Family first
  • Love

My mom always had a camera in her hand.  I am so grateful that taking pictures were so important to her.  Maybe that is where I get it from.  I love looking through old photographs.  It makes my heart do a happy dance. I didn't understand until I became a mom how important it is to document our family.  You remember the formal portraits mom made us take?  The ones we got all dressed up for, but totally stressed mom out (can anyone relate?) and still had to say "cheese"?  Well your sessions with me are nothing like that!  (you're welcome)

My idea of photographing is capturing the important photographs.  The ones that document the belly laughs.  The tears.  The hugs. The relationships.  The connection. In our home.  In our backyard.  That hideous couch from the 70's.  But that bring back such great memories.  The small details.  That seem insignificant.  Because they are routine.  Those still are my favorite pictures to look at as a photographer.  I love looking at a photograph and being taken back to that time of where I was, what I was doing and how I felt at the time.  Telling stories.  Your stories.  


My mom passed away when I was 23.  The images with her in them mean so much to me. She left her legacy.  Its so important to me to leave that for my kids and grandkids.  I'm trying hard to get in the pictures more too.  Regardless of having a bad hair day.  Especially us moms.  If we wait for the perfect time to get in the picture, it will never happen.  Do it.  Do it now.  Regardless of how insignificant you might think the moment or event may be, it will become important to your kids when you leave this earth.  In an instant, someone can be gone. 

"Sometimes the moments easiest to forget | Are the one's most worth remembering"

I know you are busy with life.  I totally get it.  Thank you so much for stopping by.

I would love to meet you and help tell your story.  Let's Talk and start planning that session!

Have a fabulous day!

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